304 patients enrolled!

Participating Centers


The Netherlands


Academic Medical Center - University of Amsterdam.

The AMC is the initiating center of the EXPLORE trial.

For an impression of the hospital, please click on the youtube link in the upper right corner.

PI’s: José Henriques and René van der Schaaf

Research coordinator: Loes Hoebers.

Participating Centers AMC

From left to right: René van der Schaaf, Loes Hoebers, José Henriques.

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis – Amsterdam

PI: René van der Schaaf.

  Participating Centers OLVG

From left to right: M. Patterson, J.P. Herrman, R. van der Schaaf, A. Hendriks, G. Amoroso and M. Dirksen

Sint Antonius Ziekenhuis – Nieuwegein

PI: M.J. Suttorp

Participating Centers Antonius

From left to right: M. Bosschaert, C. Feirabend. M.J. Suttorp and B. van den Akker.

Catharina Ziekenhuis – Eindhoven

PI: J. Koolen

Participating Centers Catharina


HagaZiekenhuis – Den Haag

PI: M. Bax

Participating Centers HAGA


VUmc – Amsterdam 

PI: K. Marques

Participating Centers VUMC

Amphia Ziekenhuis – Breda

PI: M. Meuwissen 

Participating Centers Amphia

Maasstad ziekenhuis - Rotterdam

PI: M. van der Ent

Participating Centers maastad2


Onze Lieve Vrouw Ziekenhuis – Aalst

PI: E. Barbato

Participating Centers Aalst


Haukeland University hospital - Bergen

PI: E. Eriksen

Participating Centers Bergen2



Sahlgrenska University Hospital - Gothenburg

PI: T. Råmunddal and D. Ioanes


Skane University Hospital – Lund

PI: G. Olivecrona

Participating Centers Lund



Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center - Toronto

PI: B.Strauss

Participating Centers strauss

Quebec Heart-Lung Institute, Laval University- Quebec

PI: O. Bertrand

Participating Centers Quebec




North-Estonia Medical Center - Estonia

PI: P. Laanmets

Participating Centers Estonia